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Scutt Mansion America Frightening Paranormal Activity

Scutt Mansion America Frightening Paranormal Activity Scutt Mansion, has a visit from some celebrity ghost hunters and haunted objects. Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman are two of the world’s most eminent Paranormal hunter, yet sometimes these two experts of the paranormal, require a little bit of assistance. On the following scene of their raving success […]

Ghost Plane

Ghost Plane Still Remains on a Derbyshire Secret Mission

Ghost Plane Still Remains on a Derbyshire Secret Mission Ghost Plane or a old kind of secret flying machine regularly some say utilized amid Word War II has been located various circumstances over Derbyshire.   Reports of the alleged ‘phantom plane‘ have been accounted for over the area for a considerable length of time with witnesses […]

Life Forms 50,000 years old found in Mexico caves

50,000 years old life forms found in caves in Mexico. Life Forms within a Mexican cave system so beautiful and hot it is called both fairyland and hell, scientists have uncovered life trapped in crystals that could be 50, 000 years of age. In an impressive cutting-edge breakthrough discovery, microbes trapped inside give crystals have […]

Cedar Tree Caerphilly

Cedar Tree Caerphilly formerly Pwllypant House it’s thought the oldest part of this building may date from the 17th century. Cedar Tree former owners caused a stir when they left their estate to the wealthy Marquis of Bute instead of his own relatives. Pwllypant House was home to the Williams family from late 18th century […]