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Electromagnetic Field Pumps

Electromagnetic Field Pumps DeadLive Events

Electromagnetic field pumps are been used alot more on ghost hunts.

Electromagnetic Field Pumps are becoming the devices that most ghost hunters are reaching out for. So how do they work? In this article I would like to talk but the EFP pumps the basic idea is how these work. With beta you would have it hooked up to the battery which would power the motor which would spin around at high-speed to generate a electric field.

There are two types of EFP, one which is you can use a basic magnet which gives off a constant north and south pull and in the other you would use a electro magnets which will be powered by an internal power source. Which when activated would electronically create the north and south pull of the electro magnet.

The reason these devices are a good tool for using during ghost hunts is because it in theory feeds the spirits the right type of energy to amplify their own natural strength which will create more activity during the event which could then be used for any of the ghost hunting methods of talking whether that be using a EMF device or by using a spirit board or even human pendulum experiment.

All of the DeadLive staff have had an experience using the EM Pumps. Where are mediums would report that spiritual activity would happen whilst the EMP Pump was turned on.

On the technical side of the DeadLive team they would report that the other devices being used would start to have a stronger response. With intelligent replies on both spirit boxes, rem pods and EMF meters which would be answering the questions we had asked directly.

Electromagnetic Field Pumps

So for some the ghost hunting equipment seems to be the common choice,but for the more serious investigator this is something to consider.