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Penrhyn Old Hall

Penrhyn Old Hall
The origin of Penrhyn Old Hall is somewhat enveloped in mystery. According to Roderick Moelwynog, Prince of Wales, grandson of Cadwalder, the last King of the Britons, built a Palace on this spot early in the eighth century. The family of Penrhyn are mentioned in records in Edward 111’s reign of 1327 – 1377.
Penrhyn was described as an ancient stone house by Leyland in 1549, (John Leyland was appointed King’s Antiquary by Henry V111, and he included this district in his itinerary).
In early times there was an ancient trackway past this spot, and it is more than likely that the Romans made use of it during their occupation of Wales in order to reach the copper mines on the Great Orme. This is confirmed by the discovery in 1873 and in 1907 of a large number of Roman coins dated from the time of Constantine and of Carausius.

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