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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us! Check out the FAQ section below for answers to your ghost hunting questions!

Have you any questions about spooky frightening top haunted hotels, locations, psychic nights or ghost hunts?

General Questions

I want to organise a charity ghost hunt.

We welcome any charity event and have done a number over the last ten years. With the right number of guests and possible celebrity guest, the charity can make a substantial amount in one evening. Please contact us for details.

I am psychic, Do you employ people on your events?

We manage a number of psychics and mediums and offer them work on a self employed basis. Where possible we do pay a team of mediums and paranormal investigators to run our events.

I like a certain venue, Do you do ghost hunts there?

Not every location allows ghost hunts or psychic nights but where possible we will request or contact a location to see how viable a event could be. We have done a number of locations before anyone else or company and in doing so opening it up for others to follow.

Deadlive Events Refund Policy

All refunds from cancellation are subject to a period of notice. The following conditions apply in this respect. If you feel you are not going to be able to attend your chosen event please call 0151 510 3313 or alternatively contact us as soon as possible. More than 4 weeks – Requests for a refund more than four (4) weeks before the ghost hunt event will be paid less a 25% cancellation charge.

More than 2 weeks – Requests for a refund from four (4) to two (2) weeks prior to the ghost hunt event will be paid less a 50% cancellation charge

Less than 2 weeks – No refunds will be issued less than two weeks prior to the event.

Full Refunds – Given that any ghost hunt event is cancelled by DeadLive due to circumstances beyond our control then immediate notice will be issued informing all relevant parties and a full refund issued or another date for that event will be set.

Other Questions

Can you source locations?

DeadLive Events can source locations for any event you require. As a company we have access to a large number of locations.
DeadLive Events Team members are often involved in locating and researching for TV and radio programs throughout the UK.

How late can an event run?

Dependent on the event,ghost hunts run generally from 7pm to 3.00am and also from 9pm till 5am. Timings depend on the needs and requirements of groups when booking. The timing of an event can also be pre-determined by the venue owner.
Psychic Nights run from 3.00pm till 10.00pm or 7.30pm till 10.30pm for a show event

What parking arrangments exist?

We recommend that parking should always be given greater consideration than usual.
You will be returning to your vehicle in the early hours of the morning, so access to car parks at such times should be confirmed prior to parking. Some locations do provide parking.

What if i need to cancel my event?

Contact as soon as possible. Deposits are non – refundable and time penalties will apply depending upon how near to the event that the cancellation is made. Please see Terms and Conditions.

When will I be billed for my event?

Balances for private parties are due in full 21 days prior to the event date. For corporate events, standard charges apply i.e. invoice settled within 30 days.

Can you serve alcohol at an event?

In respect of safety considerations we prefer it if people attending do not consume alcohol.