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For your next  ghost hunt “we love the paranormal world” with more than a decade of experience arranging fully escorted and guided ghost tours via the internet, it’s what drives us to lead with a service and push the boundaries on all our events.


Deadlive Ghost Hunts

Hire Us! we will provide you with the equipment and THE knowledge to carry out your own paranormal investigations. The aim of these investigations is not to sensationalize ghost hunting or to provide ‘frights’. These events are not in any way manufactured, any unusual occurrences will be deemed paranormal if a reasonable explanation cannot be found.

Deadlive Corporate Events

Our team building events puts the paranormal and the imagination at the heart of the activity and guaranteed to boost team morale and rejuvenate your work place.

Deadlive Charity Events

We have been working with charities for the last 20 years offering our very own brand of fund raising.With £1000s raised already we are sure we can bring you the fundraising events that nightmares are made. Whether you wish to go on a ghost hunt or organize a psychic night for enthusiasts, we are just a phone call away!

Why Choose Deadlive Events?

Ghost Hunts

What ever your paranormal needs, we can do it.


We have access to hundreds of venues if it can be booked, we can get it.


Reiki Psychic Empowerment join us on one of our workshops to reconnect.

Psychic Nights

121 readings clairvoyance shows demonstrations we have a night for you to remember.

121 Readings

Book one of our many psychics or mediums.

MBS Events

Mind Body Spirit (MBS) Heritage Days we can help you arrange your event.

Are You Psychic?

Join us on one of our events get in touch.. WE NEED YOU!

Work with Us

We are always on the look out for team members.

Contact Us

DeadLive have been providing Ghost Hunts, Haunted Breaks and Psychic Nights since 2001. To date DeadLive have held numerous events at a diverse range of locations ranging from Historical Castles to Legendary Manor Houses

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