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Tuesday, 05 June 2018 13:05

Why Are Most Ghosts Modern?

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Why Are Most Ghosts Modern? Why Are Most Ghosts Modern?

Ive wondered as well, why we only have fairly modern day ghosts.There are no reports of an ancient Roman entity or Mongol spirit for example.
This leads me to believe that the spirits only affect those of the lifetime of the being they incarnate as, when the moment is passed, they move on to another lifetime to balance their karma.

Having none living to learn their life's lessons, they would probably be forced to reincarnate and start over, either having to relearn the past lesson, or a completely one.

Crescent Hotel, Arkansas:
The Crescent Hotel is quite proud of their ghosts stories, so much so that they run a ghost tour year round.
One story involves a mason worker who plunged to his death in Room 218 during the initial construction of the hotel.
Other ghost stories from the hotel include a false doctor's hospital/morgue he ran in the basement of the bulding.
I put a couple of the spookier stories here, but there is about sixteen different videos on YouTube.
Just run a search for Crescent Hotel, and you find some.

It was just the same back in the day with demons, poltergeists, dark entities, ghouls, fakirs (or whatever) when, because of lack of proper understanding and education concerning Ouija Boards and our worlds beyond that, what began with only a 'few' people who 'decided' that, speaking to ghosts through this medium MUST be 'evil' ended by becoming an avalanche of other sheep-like 'believers' who also did not fully understand.
Eventually, through habit, time and the sheer numbers alone this *assumption* and lie was *made* to be true. It *must* be true for, with that kind of number, how can it *not* be? It *isn't* true.
] None of it is. And, with proper and sustained research, anyone may easily discover that all these are as I say they are - lies.
Meantime, do you see what I'm driving at? Fear spreads. Negativity spreads - and so too do lies.

The face of war has changed with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.
Enemy lines are blurred and there is no clear opponent. New enemies and threats require a new type of warfare and a new kind of soldier. Enter the Ghosts.
When a person dies only his physical body ceases to exist. His subtle body however continues to exist and moves on to the other regions of the Universe.
Some of these subtle bodies become ghosts. Most ghosts have unfulfilled desires such as cravings for sex, alcohol, revenge, etc. or derive pleasure out of exerting control over and tormenting humans and other subtle bodies.
The subtle body of a person after physical death is defined as a ghost if their characteristics and intentions match the above.
There is no special process as such which they go through to become a ghost.
Ghost Whisperer centers around the life of Melinda Gordon, played by the stunning Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has the ability to see spirits.
She works as a paranormal investigator to help the ghosts that contact her complete their unfulfilled missions.
Each episode has Melinda solve the mystery surrounding a ghost's present and help her cross to the afterlife.
Each season also features an overarching story about how Melinda deals with her powers while trying to live a normal life.
She also meets other people who show differing views about her abilities, some supporting her, while others shun her.
Sure, everybody watched a TV show about ghosts every now and then. In fact, it seems obligatory for every TV network to come up with its own supernatural themed programs.
And many of them have turned out quite alike that you can't tell them apart aside from their titles.

You have read volumes about ghosts and have browsed hundreds of websites to devour more information on ghosts, but have you ever wondered how many types of ghosts there are? The fact is that there are various types of ghosts out there and all these are minutely described and documented by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF).
Another interesting aspect of the show is its philosophical view. Instead of simply portraying ghosts as malevolent and evil beings, the show present the topic in an entirely different manner, that of lost souls in need of help.
This deviates from the more stereotypical ones seen in most TV series.
This also adds more depth to the show as it allows more character build up than what is usually seen.
Also, instead of being to preachy about heaven and everything, the series' view on the topic of heaven is more realistic and enlightening to viewers, which add to the show's over-all message.

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