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Tuesday, 05 June 2018 14:12

The Ghost Meter EMF Detector.

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EMF Meter EMF Meter

The basic tools for a Paranormal Investigator is the EMF meter.

When Ghostly activity takes place electromagnetic anomalies often occur in that environment.

The Ghost Meter detects the small, distinct, erratic EMF energy fluctuations frequently found at locations that are reportedly haunted and hot spots both in and out of buildings.

The Ghost Meter provides three indicators of EMF emission strength.
A needle based display, LED lights, and an adjustable audio signal.
The response time of this meter is excellent. It can also be operated in silent mode so it doesn't interfere with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recording sessions during an investigation.
• Simple one-handed operation • Low- or no-light operation • Fully-adjustable audio tone • Flashing LED lights • Signal-strength indicator
Any questions please contact us and ask we are more than happy to help.
Please note-This item to be used for gathering paranormal evidence and is not guaranteed to give you interacts with spirits or ghosts.
Please do not use for any other purpose than gathering information and evidence of the paranormal.

As keen paranormal investigators, we can confirm that this device does actually work and works as well as the more recognised KII K2 device usually favoured by investigators.
In fact say it has a slightly wider detection range. The analogue meter gives a good visual idea of the strength of signal being detected and as it both lights up and sounds off, you don't need to keep watching it constantly.
The buzzer volume control on the unit, is also a very useful addition, when you tire of it sounding off!

The battery consumption is good and a decent pp3 battery will last a long while, assuming it's not in constant use with buzzer set to maximum.
It's well made and ergonomically shaped for holding and unlike the KII first edition you don't need to be continually holding the on/off switch down to use.
It is only recently that KII have bothered to fit an additional buzzer to their latest "deluxe" version, so the Ghost Meter was ahead of the game by a number of years.
How does a meter know if emf energy is active or residual/left in situ from previously? It also uses a remote sensor, which we couldn't see what the major benefit was for having it, unless you prefer to keep the meter in a pocket and clip the sensor to a lapel?

To be honest, for a while we thought the GM wasn't that useful as a spirit energy detector, but on a recent investigations looking for ghosts, we ran an experiment and had both a KII and the GM running side by side, whilst I communicated back and forth with a child spirit and both responded in unison whenever the spirit replied, so I'm happy it actually works well.
Also useful as a standard emf meter, for testing of electrical appliances etc, which is what these devices were originally intended for.
In the dark, you'll certainly react more to this device.
The Ghost Meter will help detect when spirit/emf energy is present, but the KII is better if you then want to try and more accurately communicate via yes/no answers via the differently coloured LED's.

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