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Tuesday, 19 January 2021 12:17

Oxford Castle

Oxford Castle
Oxford Castle is a huge, somewhat destroyed Norman archaic manor on the western side of focal Oxford in Oxfordshire, England. The vast majority of the first moated, wooden motte and bailey château was supplanted in stone in the late twelfth or mid-thirteenth century and the stronghold assumed a significant job in the contention of the Anarchy. In the fourteenth century, the military estimation of the manor reduced and the site became utilized essentially for province organization and as a jail. The enduring rectangular St George's Tower is presently accepted to pre-date the rest of the château and be a watchtower related with the first Saxon west entryway of the city.
A large portion of the manor was wrecked in the English Civil War and by the eighteenth century, the excess structures had become Oxford's neighborhood jail. Another jail complex was based on the site from 1785 onwards and extended in 1876; this became HM Prison Oxford.
The jail shut in 1996 and was redeveloped as a lodging and guest fascination.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021 11:35

Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion Stonehouse
It is an incomplete show-stopper. The structure began around 1857 yet halted during the 1860s so floors and roofs are missing, dividers not put and windows unglazed. All the mysteries of the development of the Mansion are obvious - something guests won't ever find in another nation house.
The Mansion was planned by a youthful nearby designer, Benjamin Bucknall from Rodborough. He delivered a special Gothic Revival house that mixes the neighborhood conventional work in limestone with the thoughts of the French compositional mastermind Viollet-le-Duc.
The nature of the stone carvings in the Mansion is remarkable: some are propelled by the plants in the encompassing valley and others are life-like pictures of creatures. There are additionally genuine vertebrates to be viewed as the Mansion houses rearing states of Greater and Lesser Horseshoe bats.
Possessed by Stroud District Council, the Mansion is overseen by the Woodchester Mansion Trust. On Open Days guests can perceive how the house was constructed, respect the fine carvings and take a gander at the bats on CCTV. Rewards are accessible and the encompassing Woodchester Park can be investigated.

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 17:24

Stanley Palace Chester Ghost Hunt

Stanley Palace Chester Ghost Hunting Event
Join DeadLive as we investigate one of Chester's most haunted houses with soup snacks and a city ghost tour. Your Event starts at 7.30 pm at the front door of this world heritage site Stanley Palace. You will be taken by our Ghost Tour team for the short ghost and history tour of Chester city center. After your fright at night tour around Chester, you will return back to Stanley Palace and met by our ghost hunting team you can help yourself to hot drinks, snacks, and soup (health & safety permitting). After your short break and a brief history and health and safety talk. You will be separated into smaller groups to start your vigils of the haunted rooms in Stanley Palace. You will get the chance to use our paranormal equipment, but feel free to bring your own if you have any. If you are brave enough, you can use our Ouija boards and join in with a table tipping experiment to communicate with the ghosts and spirits of Stanley Palace. If you have mediumistic abilities please feel free to speak out if you feel spirits are present and communicating with you. All our vigils will have one of our team members with you although you may have the opportunity to sit alone in a haunted space within Stanley Palace. Throughout the evening and early morning, you will have short breaks during the vigils where you will be able to make a hot drink. The event will end at 1.55 am.
Tickets Price £35.00 which include ghost tour, ghost hunt, hot drinks, snacks and soup.
All Dates:March 13th 2021 April 10th 2021 May 8th 2020 Oct 16th 2021 Nov 13th 2021 Jan 22nd 2022 Feb 19th 2022 March 19th 2022 Oct 22nd 2022

Satanist' fears over development of former occultist's Scots home grow despite 'secular' promises
Fears are developing that the previous home of an orgie-cherishing medium on the shores of Loch Ness will turn into a dark center point. Boleskine House was once claimed by scandalous 'stylized performer' Aleister Crowley - who considered himself the 'wickedest man on the planet'. Crowley - who kicked the bucket in 1947 - drank blood and organized immense blow-outs there fuelled by heroin and cocaine. This week dissenters requested committee managers toss out designs to turn the home - that likewise used to be the Highland home of Led Zeppelin' guitarist, Jimmy Page - into ten-occasion lodges.
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Friday, 11 December 2020 10:26

Monoliths Are Continuing To Appear

Monoliths Are Continuing To Appear
Regardless of a workmanship bunch asserting duty, more stone monuments have been appearing the world over. It's quick transforming into 2020's greatest unexplained wonder - metal stone monuments propelled by '2001: A Space Odyssey' that have been turning up at areas over the world as of late. First there was one in Utah, at that point another in Romania followed by a third in California.
At that point, craftsmanship aggregate 'The Most Famous Artist' asserted obligation regarding the two stone monuments in the United States and started selling reproductions on its site for $45,000 a piece. This doesn't appear to have prevented the curios from showing up somewhere else, nonetheless, with the gathering apparently rejecting that it has had anything to do with the stone monuments that have showed up since. "The stone monument is out of my control now," said bunch author Matty Mo. "Godspeed to all the outsiders buckling down the world over to proliferate the fantasy." Recently, one more of the baffling structures showed up on a sea shore on the Isle of Wight, at that point another was discovered remaining in a field in Baasrode, Belgium.
Further reports of stone monuments have since arisen in Spain, Germany, Colombia and Texas. At any rate one of these can be clarified, notwithstanding, because of craftsman Tom Dunford who approached to guarantee that he was answerable for making the one that was found on the Isle of Wight. "On the off chance that the outsiders were to descended I think they'd go for the most secure spot which is the Isle of Wight in Tier 1 [Covid restrictions]," he revealed to BBC News. So are altogether the stone monuments basically bits of copycat workmanship enlivened by the first one in Utah ?
It seems that the phenomenon has taken on a life of its own.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 10:57

The Ghost Hunter Helps Sell Haunted Houses

The Ghost Hunter That Helps Sell Your Haunted House
In the event that you think your home is spooky, you've seen enough motion pictures and tv shows to realize who to call. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you think your home is spookily haunted and you'd simply rather sell and get out, how would you clarify those strange thumps, drafts, squeaks, groaning pipes, opening entryways, and such to the real estate professional or possible purchasers?
In case you're in England, you can call Andy Simms – not a ghostbuster but rather a talented homebuilder who claims he can clarify and fix any solid, making your home more attractive or maybe make it bearable and loveable enough that you'll remain.
Find Andy o-line here

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 10:42

Paranormal Debunker James Randi Is Dead

Paranormal Debunker James Randi Is Dead
Escape artist and magician James Randi, who spent decades investigating and debunking faith healers, mind readers, psychics and others who claimed paranormal powers has died.
Randi developed an early interest in magic and dropped out of school at the age of 17 to become a conjurer at a carnival roadshow. These tentative first steps into the world of showbusiness ultimately lead him to become one of the world's most recognisable stage magicians under the name 'The Amazing Randi'. Over the next few decades he undertook several world tours, hosted numerous television specials and appeared on countless talk shows where he would demonstrate his magic tricks and escapism expertise; even breaking records set by escape artist Harry Houdini.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020 14:26

The Poltergeist of St. Catherines

The Poltergeist of St. Catherines
There is in all likelihood acquainted with “The Shining” and the infamous room #237 of the Overlook hotel. people shine, too… from Denver, Colorado, to as a long way away as St. Catherines, Ontario. At #237 Church street, apartment #1, a young boy Peter, became the center of a ‘house phenomena’ – poltergeist with 2 individuals of the clergy and 5 law enforcement officials who witnessed the occurrences.
According to retired Niagara Regional Police Officer Bob Crawford, when he responded to a domestic dispute at 237 Church Street, Apartment 1, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada’s “Garden City” on February 6, 1970, the last thing that was on his mind was a poltergeist.
The poltergeist was carried by the media within the Niagara Peninsula, as well as national and international media, including CBC, CTV, CHML, The St. Catharines Standard, The Canadian Press, The Hamilton Spectator, The Toronto Telegram, The Toronto Daily News, and the Buffalo Evening News, just to name a few.
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Thursday, 11 June 2020 11:22

Australia’s Most Haunted House

Australia’s Most Haunted House
The first bizzare occurance at the property occurred after the relatives of the Crawley family utilized a guardian Jack Simpson to secure what was left of the structure. The overseer was shot dead by an adolescent who asserted he was affected by the film Psycho.
The main "paranormal" occasion to be seen by the Ryan's happened not long after they moved in on the third of June 1963. In the wake of getting back after dim the found that the house was blindingly lit up and as power had not yet been associated with the house the Ryan's were at a misfortune concerning what caused serious lights which radiated out of each room.
In 1990 the Ryans child likewise encountered a similar marvel subsequent to getting back to the house. The remainder of the family were going to a ball and the house was empty.
The Ryans pets didn't care for the house the slightest bit both their canine and feline came up short on the house gone forever after they were first brought inside. It was three years before any pet would remain, in spite of the fact that the more current pets would not go into the house and wanted to remain outside.

Ursula Southeil was known for showing huge prophetic and clairvoyant capacities at an early age. She later turned out to be exceptionally referred to in the United Kingdom as Mother Shipton. Her works and predictions have anticipated some current common occasions which are occurring today.
While her predictions were distributed later in 1641, (as a journal) many accept that her predictions were formed by others after her demise, and after the occasions they anticipated.
This English diviner and prophetess, was truly viewed as unattractive to view. Ursula was actually brought into the world within a cavern in 1488 situated in Knaresborough. Today, vacationers can meander to the cavern out of interest. She was an ill-conceived girl and in this manner was surrendered for selection however her natural mother at 2 years old. A short time later, she began having predictions and was viewed as clairvoyant.

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