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Psychic Nights

Psychic Night at The Oaks in Ramsbottom

Psychic Night at The Oaks in Ramsbottom near Bury on 9th March 6pm -10pm with Private 1-2-1 Readings £20

Psychic Night at The Oaks in Ramsbottom With 1-2-1 private readings available from 5pm -10pm £20. Pre book your 121 reading and time slot on the phone direct with DeadLive Events

Some of the 1-2-1 Readings Question Examples our team get asked on psychic night events can range from heartfelt and looking into the future. Our psychics and mediums have all had masses of experience gathered from private readings and events.

Clients ask our team about business or career opportunities which can be anything from, I have an Idea for a business,can my idea be successful? I’m not happy in current job. Is there something else that I would be good at? Is there any chance of getting the job I interviewed for?

Most client ask questions about their love life or if they will ever find someone to love. Questions like, “What is holding me back from having a fulfilling relationship?” My ex and I still don’t get along even after our break up is there away for us both to be happy? We always seem to be apart,do you see a future for us both.

Psychic Night at The Oaks in Ramsbottom

Many of our clients have concerns about family dynamics.

My Parents Are Not Getting Along. What Can I Do? My Sister-in-law Is Always Gossiping About Me. Should I Confront Her? Should I Move My Child to a New School?

These are just some examples of questions our clients ask and although we don’t have all the answers. Sometimes, just talking to one of our team about your concerns and life does seem to help.

Our events are for entertainment purpose only, if you have medical issues or deep personal problems? we do advise you to see professional help.

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