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A CLASSIC IN PARANORMAL RESEARCH AND ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY. Paranormal research and has always been open to condemation but here is a book that some say leaves no doubts of the spirit world. Read how a therapeutic specialist and therapist functioning in conjunction with a mystic medium cured numerous psychogenic irregularities and expelled fixations and gathered […]

Fabulous Davenport Brothers Most Famous Mediums

Fabulous Davenport Brothers The Most Famous Mediums Of All Time Or maybe the Greatest Frauds? Davenport Brothers were mobbed, driven out of town, nearly bludgeoned to death, one audience member was dismembered,and their valet died under tragic circumstances! The adventure of the Davenport Brothers siblings started in 1846, when they, their folks and more youthful […]


Titanic Famed Director James Cameron finds evidence from Atlantis

Titanic Famed Director James Cameron finds Evidence from Atlantis. The well known motion picture executive has connected the disclosure of bronze age stays to the legend. Broadly recorded by the Greek rationalist Plato, Atlantis was said to be a landmass arranged amidst the Atlantic that was possessed by a profoundly progressed and prosperous development. As […]


Could this Be the largest leprechaun state west of Ireland?

Could this Be the biggest leprechaun state west of Ireland? Leprechaun is it any unexpected that something as particular as the world’s littlest stop is in Portland, Oregon? The little recreational territory known as Mill Ends Park is a miniscule 452 inches square. It’s situated on SW Naito Parkway’s middle strip. Sadly, there’s sufficient room […]