Ghost Hunt Shamrock Bar Macclesfield

Event Date:

February 28, 2022

Event Time:

9:00 pm

Event Location:

The Shamrock Bar

Ghost Hunt Shamrock Bar Macclesfield

Ghost Hunt at Shamrock Bar Macclesfield. Join us as we investigate the ghosts of Shamrock Bar Macclesfield.

With our event, at the Shamrock Bar starting at 9.00 pm, you can meet from 8.00 pm on the night join us for a buffet addition to prepare for what awaits you.

You will have the chance to look at the building before the event, but we do start with an induction and a look at the cellar and priest hole under the building.

Ghost Hunt at Shamrock Bar Macclesfield.


On The Event

As our guests at the event, you will be placed into smaller groups and after a short talk about the history of the building, and some of the ghost stories you will be given a security brief. After a  short break, we will start our ghost hunting vigils. We have a number of rooms to investigate include the cellar, morgue room and hub room. The hub room upstairs and can be very dark and sinister.

On the night you are welcome to bring your own ghost hunting equipment. You can bring your own snacks, but we do have a space to make hot cold drinks which we do provide.

Psychic’s and Mediums

We do have mediums and psychics with us as team members but if you feel you have the ability to communicate with spirits. please do mention this to the team on the night. We welcome your information to build a better picture of the history of the building and of the people who once visited and lived here.

Ghost Hunt at Shamrock Bar Macclesfield Details

Ghost Tour / Vigils / Séance

Paranormal Equipment / Dowsing / Table Tipping

Psychics & Mediums on All Events

Hot & Cold Drinks Included

How To Find Us

The Shamrock Bar 

The Shamrock Bar. 96 Mill Street • Macclesfield • SK11 6NR

A historic pub circa the 1500s originally called “the pig and whistle” this venue has lots of great history even a priest hole and run on-site.

The old Pig and Whistle is a picture taken at the turn of the 20th century. AT the bottom end of Mill Street is an ancient building that in recent years has become the Shamrock. Was formerly been an electrical store, but for most of its life, it was a public house. The Pig and Whistle, later the Old Pig and Whistle.

The pub used to have a sign above the black and white frontage that showed a pig playing the penny whistle. The historian John Earles however proposed that the pub’s name came from Peg and Wassail. The ‘peg’ denotes the cork in a barrel of ale and the ‘wassail’ means a festive occasion or drinking bout. ‘Wassail’, he said, was probably derived from an old English toast, ‘wes hal’ meaning ‘Be in good health’, like ‘Cheers’ today.

However, Mr Earles was only partially correct.

The ‘pig’ part is not a corruption of peg, but of the word ‘pagan’, so our ancient drinking house was once called the Pagan Wassail, denoting an orgy of drink and debauchery.

Marshall Carr’s electrical contractors said that when they were refurbishing the upstairs rooms, a secret room was discovered inside. The copper still and all the paraphernalia to distil the strongest booze imaginable however this is completely illegally of course.

Event Details:

Contact Us  07950 350 810

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Event Location:

  • The Shamrock Bar
  •  96 Mill Street
  • Macclesfield
  • Cheshire
  • United Kingdom

Event Schedule Details

  • February 28, 2022 9:00 pm   -   March 1, 2022 1:30 am
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