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Gwrych Castle Ghost Hunts


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Sunday, 15 November 2020 22:44

Gwrych Castle Ghost Hunts Featured

Written by Chris
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Gwrych castle Gwrych castle Gwrych castle preservation trust

Hi everyone, I wanted to first off introduce myself, I am Chris a member of the DeadLive team and I have been helping DeadLive since 2013 previous to this I was doing private investigations to strange occourances in people's homes
During my time doing the ghost hunts and investigations I have witnessed first hand or taken the picture/video footage myself and some strange occourances which I have later thought about what it could be possibly have been. These have been at some of our event locations which I will be talking about in the future.

I myself work on researching Physic tools/devices used in the paranormal these would range from planchette's to ouija boards to Automatic Writers as well as having a interest in Tarot cards However my main focus is studying pictures/video footage and looking at what equipment is used and what could trigger it which I will give examples of in this blog and for the future.
The equipment used for ghost hunting includes the standard k2 meter that was made famous by most haunted tv show starting back in 2002.
This device is a EMF meter (electro magnetic field) used traditionally by electrians to detect live electrical wires to avoid damage to themselves. This particular device is a single axis which means it can pick up electric signals from left to right or right to left.
The down side to this bit of standard equipment is that mobile phones and radio signals can interact with the equipment resulting in fake readings.

Today I would like to talk about Gwrych castle in north Wales which is owned and being restored by the Gwrych castle presevation trust.

It is claimed that the castle was built by the Normans in the 12th century and seized by the Prince of Wales Rhys ap gurffydd (the Lord Rhys) somewhere around 1170 who then upgraded the castle from timber to stone.
The next historical event that happened here was Oliver Cromwell troops had taken over the castle during the English Cival War in the mid 17th Century.
During 1891 the castle was placed as a Grade 1 protected bulding and its located on a wooded hillside which can overlook the Irish sea. It was the first gothic folly style castle to be built in Europe by a very rich industrialist named Lloyd Hesketh, Bamford Hesketh his son inherited the title of Gwrych and spent a lot of his fortune to build the castle estate on the 4,00 acre land which included 128 rooms 28 of which was bedrooms. Many guests to the Castle felt the most memorable thing was the 52 marble staircase. Sadly in 1946 the castle was sold and the owners did not reinvest into the castle and it lay derelict only to be used for medieval fairs on occasions with all the cast iron windows and stained glass windows either being stolen or destroyed. As time progressed a buyer for the castle was found who bought the building and land for 10 million pounds with the intension of turning it into a luxury opera house and hotel however vandals kept damageing the property, so these plans was scrapped and in 1998 more damage was done with the ceiling collapseing and floors and even a fire. DeadLive have worked with the Gwrych castle preservation trust on multiple occasions, we have encountered the ghosts of a witch's covern, spirits of roman soldiers among oliver cromwell's army. Many of our psychics have picked up on different time periods and people around the castle and its grounds whilst the research team have had results with EMF meters, EVP recordings R.E.M pod activity as well as orbs and shadows that have been captured on specialised camera and video footage and hopeing to catch many more.

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