Arnos Manor Hotel

Haunted Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol

Discover the Haunting of Arnos Manor Hotel: A Spooky Stay in Bristol

A Glimpse Into the Ghostly Past

The Eerie Tale of the Nun

Have you ever heard of a place so drenched in history that its walls seem to whisper secrets? Welcome to Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol, a location with a tale as chilling as it is fascinating. The story begins with a nun, part of a girls’ school once run from the hotel’s chapel. It’s said she fell pregnant and, amid the scandal, was bricked up in a wall by her peers. Her tragic end remained hidden until World War II, when her skeleton was unearthed during bomb damage repairs. Since then, guests and staff have reported sightings of a figure in brown, especially in room 160.

Ghostly Encounters

In room 160, guests have experienced chilling encounters. Imagine waking up to feel an invisible weight pressing down on you, or seeing a spectral figure ascending invisible stairs. These eerie experiences are not for the faint-hearted, but they certainly add a thrilling element to your stay.

Poltergeist Activities

It doesn’t end with sightings. The Arnos Manor Hotel has witnessed poltergeist activity. Imagine bathtubs filling themselves or toiletries flying through the air. These occurrences have been reported frequently, adding to the hotel’s haunted reputation.

The Storied History of Arnos Manor Hotel

Built by a Businessman

The hotel’s origins date back to 1760, built by William Reeve, a prominent business merchant. Arnos Manor retains many stunning original features, including a beautifully decorated chapel lounge, high ceilings, intricate cornicing, and panelling.

Bristol: A City of History and Vibrancy

Located just ten minutes from the heart of Bristol, the hotel is nestled in a city teeming with history. Bristol has been a settlement since the Iron Age and became a city in 1542. Today, it’s a lively market city, rich in historical significance and modern attractions.

Experience the Comfort and Elegance

A Room for Every Need

Arnos Manor boasts 73 en-suite bedrooms, including doubles, twins, family rooms, and premier doubles. Each room is uniquely styled and equipped with all necessary facilities. The premier doubles feature a more contemporary decor and additional amenities like Freeview TV and trouser presses.

Dining at Cloisters Restaurant

In the courtyard of the old manor house, the Cloisters Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with a glass roof setting. The menu is fresh, seasonal, and cooked to order, ensuring a memorable meal. Daily specials and an extensive wine list add to the culinary adventure.

Relaxing Spaces: Bar and Lounge

For those looking for a more casual setting, the hotel’s bar and lounge provide a perfect retreat. Enjoy a quiet drink or a light meal, such as sandwiches and soups, in a relaxed atmosphere.

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