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We specialize in tailor made events for private parties and corporate entertainment, and we also offer spine tingling alternative to the conventional hen party stag night and any other special occasions.

22-08-2020 9:00 pm - 23-08-2020 2:00 am

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  • Australia’s Most Haunted House Australia’s Most Haunted House

    Australia’s Most Haunted House
    The first bizzare occurance at the property occurred after the relatives of the Crawley family utilized a guardian Jack Simpson to secure what was left of the structure. The overseer was shot dead by an adolescent who asserted he was affected by the film Psycho.
    The main "paranormal" occasion to be seen by the Ryan's happened not long after they moved in on the third of June 1963. In the wake of getting back after dim the found that the house was blindingly lit up and as power had not yet been associated with the house the Ryan's were at a misfortune concerning what caused serious lights which radiated out of each room.
    In 1990 the Ryans child likewise encountered a similar marvel subsequent to getting back to the house. The remainder of the family were going to a ball and the house was empty.
    The Ryans pets didn't care for the house the slightest bit both their canine and feline came up short on the house gone forever after they were first brought inside. It was three years before any pet would remain, in spite of the fact that the more current pets would not go into the house and wanted to remain outside.

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  • Witch Who Died In 1561, Predicted Signs Of Days Ahead Witch Who Died In 1561, Predicted Signs Of Days Ahead

    Ursula Southeil was known for showing huge prophetic and clairvoyant capacities at an early age. She later turned out to be exceptionally referred to in the United Kingdom as Mother Shipton. Her works and predictions have anticipated some current common occasions which are occurring today.
    While her predictions were distributed later in 1641, (as a journal) many accept that her predictions were formed by others after her demise, and after the occasions they anticipated.
    This English diviner and prophetess, was truly viewed as unattractive to view. Ursula was actually brought into the world within a cavern in 1488 situated in Knaresborough. Today, vacationers can meander to the cavern out of interest. She was an ill-conceived girl and in this manner was surrendered for selection however her natural mother at 2 years old. A short time later, she began having predictions and was viewed as clairvoyant.

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The Pinewoods in Formby Psychic Night 26th August 2020. Why dont you pre book your 121 reading and time slot on the…

"Here are two shadow people. To the left, a man; center, a little girl. They are usually very fast, but they did ac…

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