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During the event you will be able to experience a dowsing workshop using dowsing rods and crystals and we encouraged to use your own psychic abilities during vigils.
Vigils normally last around 45 minutes and then we like to change to other areas of the venue to allow you to see as much as you can of the building.

DeadLive only work in small groups on vigils and you are accompanied by a team member.

Our vigils consist of team work which does entail sitting quietly in rooms, calling out to the spirit world to give us a sign of it existences or not.
On a DeadLive vigil we ask for knocks, scratches and bangs as answers to our questions.

All our guests have the opportunity to ask any questions to the spirit world during a vigil and we encourage this.

Table tipping sessions are undertaken and our guests would be asked to join our team around small dedicated table supplied by DeadLive to attempt to communicate with the spirit world.

Guests are asked to put their fingers on the tables and then spirit is asked to work with us either to push the table or pick up the table dependent on how strong the energy is.

After vigils we will be having a number breaks, where guests can talk about their experiences and use our refreshment facilities.
Coffee, tea, cold snacks, biscuits, crisp and hot chocolate is provided for free. You are welcome to bring your own snacks.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before event start time.


Paranormal Investigations
You are welcome to bring cameras and personal paranormal investigation equipment although part of our team are professional paranormal investigators and you have the opportunity to use all the paranormal equipment provided and do a vigil solely with them.

We use traditional methods of detection such as Dowsing Rods, Crystal Pendulums, Glass Divination and Table Tipping; you will be shown how to use a number of scientific instruments, such as Electro Magnetic Field Detectors and Digital Thermometers.

These methods combined with the knowledge of the Paranormal Investigation Team members will help you identify and confirm any paranormal activity. Paranormal activity at events can never be guaranteed.

However, the more positive energy we have between the groups the better it will be to encourage a connection with the spirits of the venue.
Please note alcohol is not permitted during the investigation.

Ghost Hunt
DeadLive taking you where the haunting is happening.