Mystery still surrounds Cambridgeshire’s ‘haunted crossing of death’ Click The Link

A railway crossing in England has won something of a haunted recognition over the years.
Situated close to Peterborough, the Conington Crossing – which at a look looks as if any everyday degree crossing – has long been the point of interest of chilling ghost tales and sinister city legends.

Said to be haunted with the aid of using the ghost of a colonel and his canine who had been killed there withinside the 1940s, the crossing has been the web website online of some of the unlucky accidents – especially in the course of the primary 1/2 of the twentieth century in the course of which it had come to be so infamous that locals had feared to move it.

One wonderful twist of fate, which occurred there withinside the 1940s, concerned a truck complete of German prisoners which changed into struck with the aid of using lightning on the crossing, ensuing in six deaths.
The twist of fate concerning the well-known colonel noticed his automobile struck with the aid of using a teach at the same time as crossing the line.

He and his devoted canine had been reportedly buried close to to the scene, spawning a plethora of ghost sightings.

There have additionally been tales of the crossing’s obstacles beginning and closing, reputedly for no reason, in addition to sightings of a ‘phantom automobile’ which drives throughout and vanishes into skinny air.

While the crossing obtained automation enhancements in the course of the 1970s, it nonetheless stays a famous vacation spot for paranormal investigators and researchers even to this day.