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Psychic Reading Night at Alt Park Maghull

Discover the Magic of Psychic Reading Night at Alt Park Maghull, Liverpool

Join us for an enchanting experience at the Psychic Reading Night at Alt Park Maghull, Liverpool. This event promises to be a journey into the unknown, where self-discovery and spiritual guidance await. Hosted by Psychic Night Events, we ensure a captivating evening filled with insights and revelations.

What to Expect at Psychic Reading Night

A Unique and Transformative Experience

Psychic Reading Night offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore your past, present, and future with the help of seasoned psychics. Whether you’re curious or a long-time believer, this event is designed to provide clarity and insight. BOOK NOW!

Professional Event Coordinators

Our dedicated team at Psychic Night Events is committed to delivering exceptional experiences across the UK. From hen nights to team-building activities, our events are tailored to meet diverse needs and interests.

Private Readings: Your Personalized Journey

1-2-1 Private Readings

Experience a 1-2-1 Private Reading with one of our renowned psychics. For just £20.00 per person, you can book a full reading that delves into your life’s mysteries. Payments are conveniently accepted on the night.

Renowned Psychics

Our psychics are known for their accuracy and depth of insight. With years of experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge and spiritual guidance to each session.

Why Attend Psychic Reading Night?


Unlock the secrets of your life and gain a deeper understanding of your path. Whether it’s career guidance, love advice, or family dynamics, our psychics are here to illuminate your queries.

Spiritual Connection

Connect with the spirit world and gain messages from beyond. This event offers a rare opportunity to receive guidance and reassurance from the other side.

How to Reserve Your Spot

Secure Your Reading

Ready to explore the unknown? Reserve your full reading with one of our professional psychics for just £20.00 per person. Ensure your spot by contacting us Now!

Contact Information

Not Sure What to Ask? Here Are Some Ideas

Business and Career Readings

Explore the potential success of your business idea or seek guidance on aligning your career path with your aspirations. Our psychics can provide valuable insights into your professional life.

Love Readings

Understand obstacles hindering your relationships or gain advice on navigating complicated connections with ex-partners. Find clarity and direction in your love life.

Family Dynamics Questions

Find solutions for parental conflicts, address gossip from a troublesome sister-in-law, or seek guidance on potential school changes for your child. Our psychics can help you navigate familial challenges.

Post-Reading Tips

Reflect on Your Reading

After your reading, take time to reflect on what was said. Write down your thoughts and revisit them the next day to gain deeper understanding.

Engage with Your Psychic

During the reading, it’s helpful to talk to your psychic without giving away too much information. This allows them to provide more accurate insights.

Dining at The Alt Park

A Culinary Delight

After your psychic reading, enjoy a meal at The Alt Park. Known for its mouthwatering carvery roasts and freshly made stone-baked pizzas, this restaurant offers a dining experience like no other.

Daily Deals and Offers

Indulge in incredible value with daily deals and discounts, including 50% off pizzas and burgers. Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast or looking for a place to unwind with cocktails, The Wheatsheaf Inn has you covered.

Exclusive Rewards

Download the Stonehouse Rewards app to collect stamps and unlock exclusive rewards, such as a complimentary main meal. Join today and enhance your dining experience.

Join Us for an Enlightening Evening

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for self-discovery and spiritual connection. Contact us now to book your spot at the Psychic Reading Night at Alt Park Maghull, Liverpool. Experience the magic and uncover the secrets of your life.


The Psychic Reading Night at Alt Park Maghull, Liverpool, offers an unforgettable journey into the unknown. With professional psychics, personalized readings, and a cozy dining experience at The Wheatsheaf Inn, this event promises to be a night of enlightenment and enjoyment. Reserve your spot today and unlock the mysteries of your life.


1. How much does a psychic reading cost?

A full reading costs £20.00 per person, payable on the night of the event.

2. How can I book a reading?

You can reserve your spot by emailing or calling 0795 035 0810.

3. What should I ask during my reading?

You can ask about business, career, love, or family dynamics. If you’re unsure, our psychics can guide you on what to ask.

4. What should I do after my reading?

Reflect on your reading by writing down what you remember and revisiting it the next day for deeper understanding.

5. Where can I dine after the event?

Enjoy a meal at The Wheatsheaf Inn, known for its carvery roasts and stone-baked pizzas. Download the Stonehouse Rewards app for exclusive offers.

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